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Coffee culture in Scandinavia

coffee culture scandinavian

The Scandinavian countries are present on several rankings on different subjects. Like happiness. Or gender equality. Or costs of living. But did you know, that the Scandinavian countries also dominate the list of the most coffee consuming countries?

But why?

The reasons are many and complex. The coffee consumption began to bloom as the taxes on alcohol started to rise in the mid-1800. At the same time, a rise in coffee production led to more affordable coffee prices, and the “church coffee” (where coffee and cake was served after every service) became somewhat a social establishment.

Ever since then, the coffee has been an essential ingredient to social gatherings in the Scandinavian countries, both formal and informal ones.

You will notice this if you attend a Scandinavian wedding or any formal dinner party. After dinner, you will always be served a warm cup of coffee with the desert.

On the other hand, informal social activities quite often revolve around coffee. Like a first date, or the break between lectures, or when you go hiking. Oh, and is there any Scandinavian out there who don’t drink The Morning Coffee? We don’t think so.

In Sweden, the coffee culture is manifested in the word “fika”? Fika is an essential part of the Swedish culture, and it is merely a word used to describe having a cup of coffee and a snack (often a cinnamon bun) with a friend. Isn’t that a pretty awesome concept? Although the other Scandinavian countries don’t use the same word for it, the idea is equally prominent.